Top 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas


As Christmas rolls around again, and interiors worldwide return to the familiar red and green, here are five unique ideas to add some extra snazz to your Christmas decor.

5: The Christmas candle-lantern

For this decoration, you will need:

  • Red and green tinsel
  • Glass candle holders
  • Gift paper
  • Glue (mod podge is widely reported to work well)
  • Scissors


Cut the gift paper into the shape of a christmas tree. Then, cut this christmas tree into diagonal strips. Cover the side of the candle-holder, as well as the gift paper strips, with the glue, and then place the strips on the glass one by one. Leave space in between the strips for a snazzy look. Then, simply tie some tinsel on the top of the candle-holder. Voila!

4: Wood-burned ornaments

For this decoration, you will need:

  • A pyrography wood burner - usually, these come pretty cheap if you do not have one already
  • Pencil
  • Slices of a thick tree branch


Drill a hole at the top of each slice to make them possible to hang. Then, use a pencil to lightly stencil out your Christmas imagery on the slices, and once you are done, use the wood burner to fill the stencil in.

3: Paper candle ornaments:

For this decoration, you will need:

  • Copper or gold cupcake cups
  • Scissors
  • Paper painted in yellow
  • Gold and copper glitter
  • A glue stick
  • A hot glue gun
  • Gold-coloured alligator clips


Taking the yellow paper, cut it into strips of 2” by 3” (5 by 7.5 cm). Roll the paper up into a tube lengthways, so that it assumes the shape of a candlestick. Secure the tube with the hot glue gun. Then, cut out a small circle around the diameter of the tube, and secure it to the top of the tube using a hot glue gun.

Once your candlestick is complete, cut out a small candle flame from the paper, place it on the top of the tube, and cover it in hot glue. Then, sprinkle gold and copper glitter on the flame. After this, drip hot glue around the top of the tube, sprinkling gold glitter. This should create a wax-drip effect.

After your candle is complete, take two baking cups, flip one inside out, and cover the white inside with glue. After that, glue the two cups together in a way that only shows off the golden colour. Once this is done, hot glue the bottom of the candle to the inside of the cup, and then hot glue the alligator clips to the bottom of the cup, facing sideways. You should now have a fully constructed candle decoration.

2: Gold-lettered baubles

For this decoration, you will need:

  • An oil-based golden Sharpie
  • Transparent baubles with openable tops
  • Shiny pearls
  • Gold ribbon
  • Gold spray paint
  • Scissors


Take off the tops of the baubles and spray them with the gold paint. Then, fill the inside of the bauble halfway with pearls. After this, use the golden sharpie to write anything you’d like on your baubles. After the tops have dried, secure them back on, tying a golden ribbon into a bow through the hanging loop.

1: Pine garland signage:

For this decoration, you will need:

  • ⅛” (3 mm) armature wire
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Green floral tape
  • Artificial pine garland
  • Artificial pine berries
  • Red ribbon tape
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the wire into letters, all of the same height, and cover the letters in floral tape. Then, for each letter, (from new wire, not the letters!) shape out a loop that makes a hole around 1” (2.5 cm) in diameter, wrap it in floral tape, and secure the loop to the top of the letter using more floral tape. For letters that have double ends, like Y, T, or W, use two loops, attached to each end.

Once you have completed the skeleton letters, take the pine garland, and taking the sprigs off the garland, secure them to the letters with floral tape. For each letter, work from the top of the letter to the bottom. Once you have covered each letter in a base layer of garland, start gluing additional sprigs onto the existing sprigs with the hot glue gun, making sure to disguise the armature wire entirely.

Once every letter is covered in garland, hot glue the artificial berries to the branches as needed, and finally connect the letters using a length of ribbon, threaded through the loops. Hang it in a location of your choice, whether it’s the mantle of your fireplace, or just below the curtain rail!

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