Top 10 Elf on the Shelf Ideas


The Elf on the Shelf is a relatively new tradition, brought to life in a 2004 book of the same name. While some criticise it as strange, this has not prevented people from having fun with the concept during the countdown to Christmas. Here are ten ways in which you can use Santa’s scout elves to liven up your Christmas decor.

10: Elf on the Christmas tree:

An unbeatable classic, the Elf hiding in plain sight among the ornaments, or peeking through the branches is sure to add an extra dimension to your Christmas tree. You can always fashion an extra branch on which the Elf may perch himself, keenly observing the room.

9: The airborne Elf:

Some helium balloons attached to a miniature basket can make a goot mini hot air balloon for your Elf to peer down from. Securing the balloon with a mini-nachor to suspend it at eye-level can make this unique decoration stand out.

8: The gingerbread hostel:

If you have a knack for baking, you could always construct a gingerbread house and seat the elf inside it: from there, the elf could peer from the gingerbread windows, like the nosy neighbour he is.

7: The marshmallow igloo:

Applying some fondant sugar glue and a copious quantity of marshmallows, you can make a home for the Elf, who may choose to either stand beside it, or peek at passers-by from the tiny entrance.

6: The golfing holiday:

The elf does not always have to be hard at work: a morsel of artificial grass, some mini-marshmallows, and a candy cane for a club can make a very endearing golfing enthusiast out of an Elf. If you wish, you may add a small stocking for the Elf to store his candy canes in.

5: Incorporating other toys:

Whether it’s fighting toy soldiers, running from toy dinosaurs, or flipping the Monopoly board--as even inanimate objects cannot cope with this hellish game--there are plenty of ways in which you can stir conflict between the Elf and your home’s native toys.

4: The moonshot:

Foil-clad, bauble headed astro-elves reaching for a cut-out Moon, suspended from the ceiling, make a deeply interesting scene in any room. Bonus points for using a Moon mood light.

3: The artist:

Use a mini-easel, a small cardboard palette, and miniature paint brushes to create an Elf which takes pride in his art. Whether he is painting a landscape, or still life from the toys ahead of him, he will make a great addition to any windowsill or mantle.

2: The fiend:

An Elf clutching a Sharpie, perched atop a collage of family pictures. What could go wrong? Take the liberty of assisting him in his work, putting a festive flair on the pictures in question, though make sure to put your masterpieces on the frame glass rather than the pictures themselves.

1: The firefighter:

Take the nearest fire truck and hand controls to the trusty Elf, who will make short work of the pile of burnt matches and singed wood placed conveniently ahead of him.

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