Best Secret Santa Gifts


Buying gifts for a Secret Santa can be stressful: knowing the recipient of your gift well is crucial to making the right choice for their gifts, and a gift tailored to their needs or desires is usually the best option, as it both satisfies them and makes you appear caring. However, if you are unsure what to get the person you are assigned, these suggestions may be useful to you.

1: Christmas booze

Should the recipient not mind an occasional drink, an alcoholic gift is sure to be useful, especially with New Year’s celebrations being around the corner. For a Christmas feel, an orange-themed drink, like Jaffa Cake gin, is sure to make a lasting impression: this tangy, chocolatey drink is distilled using real Jaffa Cakes, as well as orange zest and cocoa powder, giving it a sweet and sour punch that is perfect for the season. Alternatively, a mulled wine set, complete with a bottle, makes an excellent addition to any person’s Christmas drink list, with its warm spiciness delivering much-needed relief in the winter cold. Another option comes in the form of alcoholic spreadables: a few places sell jars of rum, whisky, and even cocktail marmalades, which are a perfect novelty gift for any adult.

2: Mugs

A mug is rarely not a beloved gift: many people make use of mugs every day, making them very practical, and they are infinitely customisable, making them a perfect sentimental gift. Personalising your recipient’s mug with a name, personal pictures, or a funny phrase is a good way to impress them. Even if the mug is not personalised per se, you can always tailor the mug to suit the recipient’s personality, for which you will surely be rewarded with gratitude.

3: Personal clothing

Gifting a piece of wearable bling or a piece of clothing for someone looking for new things to wear makes a brilliant gift. Avoid Christmas sweaters, as these tend to not be worn during any month bar December: you will certainly not be thanked for one. Instead, consider gifting jewellery, pins, and patches, which, although being small, make a good memorable addition to any person’s attire. You may choose to personalise these items, or allow the person to personalise it themselves by buying them a customisable kit, with patches, pins, or beads sporting different letters.

4: Utility items

If your recipient is musically inclined, small accessories like guitar picks, capos, or a tome of sheet music acts as a good tribute to their hobby, as well as a praise of their musical proficiency. Alternatively, if your recipient’s hobby is travel, you may wish to give them a scratch-off world map, the latest in fashionable room decorations.

Many people have a real passion for sports: personalised team jerseys, or sporting equipment like rackets and bats can be a good way to contribute to their sporting collection, or to assist them in procuring equipment for their preferred sport.

Finally, as the New Year approaches, people will be preparing to set New Year’s resolutions, which means that they will likely want a journal to organise their goals. A unique, elaborate journal, along with plenty of writing equipment, makes a brilliant gift for anyone aspiring to a long-term goal.

5: Home décor:

For creating a Christmas atmosphere at home, a gift of Chritmas-scented candles is perfect, providing a warm, homely feeling, along with an excellent scent. To accent the Christmas candle, a decorated candle holder can add a great aesthetic touch to the gift. As an alternative, scented diffusers and incense can serve the same function, with the added benefit of being more compact.

Additionally, any room can use a light-up letter board: whether for displaying passive-aggressive messages, inspirational quotes, or reminders, such a board finds its rightful place in every home and is perhaps the closest one can find to a universally applicable personal gift.

For the laid-back person in your life, a swirled neon sign may make a brilliant gift: a chill atmosphere is guaranteed in any room featuring such a sign on a wall or table. If you choose to get a neon light, ensure that it comes from a reputable supplier: many cheaper neon lights tend to both overheat, posing a fire risk, and live considerably shorter lives than a good quality neon light.

6: Merchandise

Every person has a hobby or brand that they strongly associate with: finding out what your recipient’s favourite film, book, game, or show is, and tailoring a gift towards it, can both give the recipient something to proudly display, and make you seem like an attentive friend.

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